Friday, October 06, 2006

More on recent global warming

From the Seattle Times (though it's originally from the Chicago Tribune):

RESOLUTE BAY, Nunavut — They never used to need air conditioners up in the Arctic.
But officials in the Canadian Inuit territory of Nunavik authorized the installation of air conditioners in official buildings this year for the first time. Artificial cooling was necessary, they decided, because summer temperatures in some southern Arctic villages have climbed into the 80s in recent years.
Inuit families in the region never used to need to shop for groceries, either. But the Arctic seas that stayed frozen well into the summer have started breaking open much earlier, cutting off hunters from the seasonal caribou herds on which their families depend for sustenance.
And experienced Inuit hunters, as comfortable reading ice conditions as professional golfers are reading greens, had seldom fallen through the ice and drowned. But this year in Alaska, more than 12 vanished into the sea.

The effects of global climate change are no longer potential. They are actually happening. I wrote about the effects in my part of the world this summer. When are we going to do something about it?

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